This final review follows up from the initial review, which I wrote on the 3rd September 2009.

The results of the test were as follows:

Starting bank: £1000.00
Finishing Bank: £1027.65
Profit: £27.65
Total Trades: 59
Trades Won: 30 (50.8%) – one trade was void, as the game ended in a tie!

As I said in the initial review, a number of the initial games were part of the World Twenty 20 tournament, held in England in June 2009. Removing these games from the calculations, this is what the test would have provided:

Starting Bank: £1000.00
Finishing Bank: £1052.26
Profit: £52.26.
Total Trades: 49
Trades Won: 27 (55.1%) – one trade as above was void.

With 49 trades, this is still not a large sample, but enough now to see how the system performs. Trades have lost, but you cannot win on every occasion, can you?

With a return of just over five percent of the bank, is a lot better than any bank or building society will give you at present.

Having had nearly a year of testing now, Twenty 20 games are not something that happen every day, I am happy to approve this system, with a word of caution regarding the World Cup games. These can often be tight affairs in the betting arena, with the outcome becoming apparent late in the game, with the odds only going in one direction. I would advise only entering these type of games if you are 100% happy to do so.

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