The review of this golfing each way value system from Mike Cruickshank is now complete. It receives a PASS. To put things into perspective, I’ve reviewed 16 systems at CashMaster over several years and I have only passed three including this one. Of the other two passes, one was Project Prosperity (also by Mike Cruickshank) which is still available via this site and the other one, PAWS, is no longer available.

The 20 minute software is easy to use and contains a betting log, which allows one to easily record one’s bets. Also, the available bets are automatically screen refreshed, so there is no need to follow telegram or email alerts. This is a bookmaker-tipping system which finds value from comparison to Betfair win and place odds, but one does not place bets with any exchanges.

I generally placed bets on Wednesday evenings, the night before the competitions started. And I followed all bets above a certain stated value, regardless of odds.

In the last eight weeks, a loss of 9.7 pts. This leaves us with a healthy profit of 88.94 pts after one year. At the standard cash master £10 per point (£5 each way in this instant) this would give a very decent profit of £889.40 for an average of 30 minutes total activity per week. After the cost of the service plus VAT of £118.80, that leaves a net profit of £770.60.

Here are the important stats:

Starting Review Date: 11th August 2021

Current Review Date: 3rd August 2022

Starting Bank: 200 pts

Minimum Bank: 159.14 pts

Maximum Bank: 318.44 pts (16th February 2022)

Number of Profitable Months: 5/12

Current Bank: 282.94 pts

Number of Bets: 472

Number of winning Bets: 45

Strike Rate: 9.53 %

Profit/Loss: 82.94 pts

Return on Bank: 41.47 %

Time Taken to Place Bets and Check Results each week: 0-60 mins (depending on how many bets there are and how many to check from the previous week). This equates to about 30 mins on average. On some weeks there are no bets and on some weeks one could spend over an hour placing bets. The majors generally have more bets due to increased public interest.

Below is a graph showing the bank per week over the year in review


  1. It’s important to point out that I mainly had to use a fresh set of accounts for this review as many of my gubbed and/or limited accounts would not allow even 50p bets each way on odds over 100/1.
  2. The bulk of the profit came from big wins in week 9 and week 17. These reflect high odds winners.
  3. The service made its profit during the first five months and no net profit since,.

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