As we are saying “Goodbye” to 2014 tonight, I thought it might be a good idea to have a round up and name my favourite products and services of the year.

We don’t have a red carpet at C-M H.Q.for the ceremony, and I’m afraid my designer has rather let me down on the ballgown front. I did, however, manage to squirt tomato ketchup all down the front of my new jumper by taking an overly enthusiastic chomp out of a sausage sarnie. So all the bits are there really (ish).

I have been dealing solely with football betting this year, both in terms of reviews here on the blog and also in my own personal betting/trading. It’s been a mixed year with the reviews, we’ve unearthed some real gems, we’ve seen a good few banks blown and we’ve had a fair bit of “Meh” to balance it all out.

The services I’ve selected as my Award Winners have been rock solid throughout and represent both good value for money and will certainly enhance the bottom line of any betting portfolio.



I reviewed this brilliant service in late January and since then it’s just gone from strength to strength. There’s so much been added and improved. It’s still evolving and getting better month by month.

A brief synopsis:

Far from being run of the mill tipsters, these guys are top grade traders and their service is pretty much unbeatable. You have access to some of the best trading method ebooks available, a very active chatroom with helpful & knowledgeable members and the best bit by far (in my opinion) are the numerous statistic pages. Pretty much every stat you could wish for is collated here and they even help with giving you shortlists for games potentially matching criteria for the methods provided.

My original review from January is here.

A fantastic free to members addition was reviewed here

I genuinely think that if you have time to watch a game on TV, you have the time to trade it and make a few quid. The methods available here will help you do that. All traders, no matter how experienced WILL gain something from membership. Even if you’re 100% happy in your own methods, it’s worth joining to see how good the stats pages are and another string to the bow is always welcome.

A “Must Have” service.

I have 2 additional/associated parts of Goal Profits in pre-testing and will be reviewing them in the new year.




The review period for this service only ended a few weeks ago but it’s definitely my best of the year.

I tested this great service for 3 months and recorded a 99 point profit by the end, it has put on another 10 points since the Final Verdict.

I must admit to being a little sceptical about this when I started. It is a notoriously tough market to get right but this service hit the ground running and, although it slowed a little in the middle, it’s still steaming along nicely.

The cheapest option is to sign up for the Facebook service, where you are invited to join a Private Members page and all selections are posted on there. Obviously you have the usual Facebook options of interacting with other members and the owners of the service. This option costs just £14.99 a month, an email version is available for £19.99.

All bets are advised in an extremely easy to read manner, you get the name of the country, the league, the kick off time,the match details followed by the selection and the price available at the time. The prices have always been similar to those I’ve found on Oddschecker.

We never really had a proper extended losing period during the trial, there were spells in the middle where it sort of trod water for a few weeks, bouncing around the same level, a losing week followed by a winning week of similar value, but then a decent day or so would propel us forward again. Obviously, there are losing days and indeed weeks. A bad Saturday could cost a good few points but, so far, we haven’t hit a major downturn.

If you had started our trial staking £10 from a £500 bank (ie 50 points) and recalculated your stakes daily, both up and down, you would now be staking £58 from a bank of £2900.

My full review can be read here

A remarkably cheap service that has produced great profit so far. A Bet and Forget type with no trading/hedging needed.




A fantastically simple but unbelievably useful betting tool. It’s entirely browser based, so nothing to download and it’ll work on the usual platforms.

Once you log in, you have all the games that are currently in-play on the Betfair coupon laid out in time order. Alongside the match and current price details you have a bang up to date list of stats showing how the game is progressing. You can see details of goals scored, shots on target, shots off target, penalties, free kicks, corners, cards, possession percentage and finally a very handy indeed Pressure indicator that shows which team has been on top during the last few minutes.

The best aspect is that you can set and save your own criteria, so you can make it that you only see games that you are potentially interested in. For example, most of my betting and/or trading focuses on half time onwards. Because I may want to trade the game as well, I want games with decent liquidity so I can get matched. So, I can set the scanner to only show me games that are approaching half time, have  50K+ matched on match odds, 20K+ matched on over/unders and 5K+ matched on correct score. I can also set up filters to only show games with specific numbers of goals, shots on/off target etc. Setting up your filters is pretty essential really, as it declutters the screen and allows you breathing space.

You can access the Betfair page you want with a single click of the mouse on the market you are interested in. The scanner even shows you the price the game went live at, so you can see which way and how quick it’s moving.

The website has plenty of tutorial videos to watch and some trading strategies are provided to members too. There’s plenty of email back up and help too.

All in all, it’s a great time saver and bet finder. I’m very keen on it indeed.

For all the help it gives you, I think it is reasonably priced at £29.99 a month with cheaper deals for longer subscriptions.

My full review is here


That’s it for the round up. The three winners are great services that will help you put some extra money in your pocket and make the sport I love even more enjoyable.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I look forward to finding more great services and nailing more bad ones in 2015