This week’s summary covers the period 15th July to 21st July inclusive and concludes our first month of the three month trial.

15th July 8 Losers ,but 3 Winners and a profit on the day of £32.75

Bank £361.91 down 9.5% on our starting bank of £400 on 24th June.

16th July a profitable and quicker day with 5 Losers and 1 Winner for a gain of £15

Bank now stands at £376.91 now just 5.8% down

17th July A bad day although we have 3 Winners we also run up 11 Losers reaching one of the Stop Loss variants for a loss of £43.35 for the day undoing the good work of the 15th/16th.

Bank  now down to £333.06 a drop now of 16.74% on our starting point.

18th July Another bad day as we run up 18 Losers and 2 winners and again hit a Stop Loss for a £86.43 loss on the day.

Bank has now dropped to £246.63 that’s a decline of 38.3%.

19th July The third losing day on the trot as once more the Stop Loss variant kicks in after 15 Losers and 2 Winners for a loss of £67.94.

Bank hits a low of £178.69 wiping out 55.33% of our starting total.

2oth July A return to profit today after 8 Losers and 2 Winners a gain of £11.01 is achieved.

Bank now stands at £189.70 a loss of 52.6%%

21st July A quick and profitable day after 3 Losers and a Winner we have a profit of £7.40

Closing Bank for the week is £197.10 a drop of 40% over the week and still over 50% down from the starting point.

I think this week demonstrates very clearly that when buying any new system you either paper trade for at least a  month or use a small bank until a steady profit is established.We are using a paper bank of £400 and show a loss of just over £200. However  if a user was to start with the suggested bank of £2000 to be over £1000 down in 4 weeks would I am sure be a body blow resulting in ditching the system.

Given that this system is a revised version of the original and that the original system was apparently very profitable in March/April/May 13 is it a change from the NH to Flat causing this downturn or just a bad month.The next 2 months will reveal how the Flat season works with the changes and I will e mail the author as to why an apparently successful system needed to be changed.

The results to date most certainly vindicate the use of the Cash-Master Blog – “road testing” a system to enable informed decisions to be made before you part with hard earned cash.