G’Day all, Ken here again from oz.

While I’m waiting for the new football season to start, Graham asked if I could look at a Horse Racing Service, which I was happy to do.

UK Racing Lays (UKRL) is exactly what the name implies a horse racing laying service, oh no, I hear you say not another one, but wait, before we make an early decision lets have a look at what UKRL has to offer, otherwise if we don’t look at these systems and services how are we going to know what we can profit from and what to stay clear of.

UKRL comes from Tipster Warehouse, a company based in the UK, who seem to publish a number of tipster services and systems, it’s a company I haven’t come across before so I will not talk too much about them or their other services, that’s for another review.

What I will say is that I was impressed with the webpages for UKRL, they are clean, bright, straight to the point and include the right amount of information to make a decision on wheather to join up or not. The developers of the service say they had two conditions when starting the service.

  1. To be consisently in profit each month, and
  2. Aim for a minimum profit of 10 points at level stakes every month.

This service is fairly new and as you can see from the first five months results they seem to be achieving their goals.

February: +28.91  March: + 45.98  April: +15.72  May: +18.5  June: +10.28

Total: +119.39 after BF commission.

You can download the full results in an excel spreadsheet from the sales page to check the individual days betting. I did notice in the early days they had a few days with 10 – 20 plus selections which I thought was a bit excessive and could put a lot of pressure on your betting bank, but it seems to have settled to a more manageable number. Also,  April seemed to have a poor start to the month, but it recovered well finishing the month with a 15.72 profit, very impressive.

There are only a couple of rules to follow when using the service:

  1. Never bet if the selection goes above Betfair Starting Price (BSP) odds of 8.00 (7/1).
  2. Never bet if the total number of runners is less than 6.

Simple but very sound rules, the venders also suggust a betting bot to place your bets, there are a number of good bots around that will allow you to set BSP and the number of runners, I always use a bot when betting on the UK horse racing as they run in the middle of the night here, we are 9 hours ahead in eastern Australia. Also, a 50 point starting betting bank is recommended. I think any system that uses level stakes and stands the test of time being consisently profitable is well worth looking at.

The subscription for the UKRL service is 39.95 pounds/month, with a discount of 50% for the first month or a quarterly payment of 79.95 pounds still with the first month discounted. It is a clickbank product so there is a sixty day refund period if this is not for you.

When laying we are trying to achieve a 1 point profit on each selection, so I would factor in your monthly subscriptions and betfair commissions when working out your stake per point, using the systems monthly profit targets and past results also as a guide, that way we can have some idea to what we might expect in future profits, but as we all know there are no guarantees when betting.

After signing up and completing the usual email confirmation, all done in a matter of minutes, I received the first selections for Saturday 20/07, which you will receive around 11am – midday UK time every day including days there are no bets, there were five selections, two ended up non runners, because of the minimum runner rule and three went on to gracefully loss their races, a great start with 3 points profit (2.85 point after BF comm.) My bank now stands at 52.85 points.

Sundays email arrived on time, but it was a no bet day.

I have had no need to email the venders yet, there is a contact page on the web site where you can send a message to support, so at this stage I would say they are set up to offer support and assistance when required. I will run the trial for a three month period, posting updates with my results during this time. Lets hope we see the graph on the sales page continue to go up.