Sports Cash System Sports Cash System Introduction

25/9/13 Day 17

For an explanation of the system you will need to view the first post HERE!
Trial Started; 9/9/13

Current bet level:  Bet Level 2
Tampa Bay Rays -115 (
1.87) over the New York Yankees (MLB Baseball) 0-7  1.92 (B365) x 2.31pts WON 2.13PTS

Current Bank; +9.76pts

Extra Bets

Baltimore Orioles -160 (1.63) over the Toronto Blue Jays (MLB Baseball) 2-3  1.62 WHill  LOST 1PT

Milwaukee Brewers +116 (2.16)  over the Atlanta Braves  (MLB Baseball)  3-2  2.25 B365  LOST 1PT

Pittsburgh Pirates -160 (1.63) over the Chicago Cubs  (MLB Baseball)  2-8 WON 0.63PTS

DAILY P/L; -1.37PTS  TRIAL P/L -5.47PTS  WON 24 LOST 24