Last week you may have seen my interview with Guy Cohen where he talked about this letter:

The letter is from an independent auditing service. It verifies a trader named Anthony’s results over a four month period.

Here are the highlights:

The following results have been verified:

  • 100% win rate on 23 trades
  • 39.76 average number of days held
  • 67.05% average gain per trade
  • $6,700.66 average earned per trade
  • $154,435.66 earned if $10,000 was invested in each trade.”

Now, I’ve seen impressive winning streaks before … but a track record like this is incredibly rare.

Many professional traders will go their whole careers without getting close to these results.
Anthony must have been doing something VERY right.

But without speaking to him personally, there’s no way of knowing how he did it.

Fortunately, that’s what Guy did.

Anthony happens to be a friend of his. He sent him this verification letter himself … and although it took a little persuading, he eventually agreed to share all his secrets with Guy.

They had a long phone conversation about his methods. He walked Guy through several of the real trades he placed, explaining the logic behind each decision. After the conversation, it was obvious why he had managed such an impressive winning streak.

Tomorrow night, he’ll be sharing the details of their conversation with you.

On Tuesday 26th November at 7PM GMT, he’s hosting a live training session, 23 Trades. 23 Winners.

He’ll reveal exactly how Anthony achieved this 100% win rate, and how you can turn these insights into more winning trades, and greater profits.

To join the free training, simply click on the link below.

23 Trades. 23 Winners. Find out How.