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This is a trial of two services being offered by James Leadbetter, an active member of the ‘Goal Profits’ forum who is using the stats service provided by the website. Each service costs £12 a month independently or £15 a month for both with further options for annual subscription.

Details can be found via the Cashmaster links;

First Half Goals

Second Half Goals

For a summary of the stategies please look below the recorded results so far;

For ease of recording I will produce the results for both strategies in the same post using the acronyms FHG & SHG.

Selections and Results (Trial began 1/6/14)

A slow start to the trial as summer leagues are still bedding in with some of them now taking a break for the WC! A fair few non-qualifiers which is to be expected.

12.30pm – Singapore S-League – Balestier Khalsa FC vs Albirex Niigata FC – 4.0 HT 0-1  20? +0.95PTS
5.15pm – Sweden Superettan – Hammarby vs Landskrona – 4.0 HT 1-0 28? +0.95PTS
Daily P/L; +1.9pts Trial P/L; +1.9pts

12.30pm – Singapore S-League – Hougang United vs Warriors FC – Match 1 HT 1-1 FT 3-2 NQ

5.15pm – Sweden Superettan – Hammarby vs Landskrona – Match 2 HT 1-0 FT 4-0 68? HT lay price just above 6.0 so no trade

Daily P/L; +0PTS Trial P/L; +0PTS

FHG; No Selections

3.00pm – Sweden Superettan – Ljungskile vs Degerfors – Match 1 HT 0-0 FT 2-2 NQ

6/6/14 No Selections

FHG; No Selections

12.30pm – Singapore S-League – Albirex Niigata vs Hougang United – Match 1 HT 0-0 FT 0-1 NQ

1.45pm – Singapore S-League – Harimau Muda vs Warriors FC – Match 2 HT 2-4 FT 2-4 HT lay price above 6.0 so no trade

Daily P/L; 0PTS Trial P/L; 0PTS

2/6/14 – 4/6/14 No Selections

9.00pm – Paraguay Apertura – Club Nacional vs 3 De Febrero – Match 1 HT 0-0 FT 0-0 Poor liquidity – No trade
Daily P/L; 0pts Trial P/L; 0pts

11.00am – Japan J2 League – FC Gifu vs Kyoto Sanga – Match 1 HT 0-0 FT 2-1 NQ

5.00pm – Norway Division One – Bryne vs Strommen – Match 2 HT 1-2 FT 1-4 51? Unmatched

5.00pm – Norway Division One – Kristiansund vs Nest-Sotra – Match 3 HT 1-1 FT 2-1 NQ

5.00pm – Norway Division One – Ranheim vs Baerum – Match 4 HT 3-0 FT 5-0 NQ

Daily P/L; 0PTS Trial P/L; 0PTS

Summary of the strategies used;


This is laying 0-0 in the Half Time Score market.

If you are unable to be matched straight away then you need to put a lay order in at the price listed in the selection email (making sure that the “Keep” option is highlighted).

For selections with a lay price above 4.00 put in a lay order of 4.00– it won’t take long to be matched in- play.

Conservative traders can opt to LTD in the “Half Time” market instead if they wish at a lower price, however don’t forget that this will mean having to trade out after a goal as a first half equaliser would leave you back in a loss position.


Matches which are level at HT do not qualify for this strategy.

Either team must be leading at the break with either a one or two goal advantage (HT scorelines of 3-0/0-3/4-1 etc do not qualify for this strategy).The maximum HT lay price is 6.0.

If the HT lay price is 5.0 or below then you can lay immediately, if it is between 5.1-6.0 then put a lay order in at 5.0 and you will be matched quickly in the second half.

Any HT lay price above 6.0 and the game should be discarded. That’s it! If the above criteria is met then you just wait for the goal.