This service has been running successfully for a number of years, formerly as Pegasus Racing Club.

The system is based on dutching the favourite and second favourite in nominated races on weekdays only, with the aim of building the bank by 1% on any race day. It takes advantage of a mathematical formula which has fine-tuned race stats to isolate race types in which favourites are most likely to win. A digital calculator is provided for staking, which has a built-in loss recovery model. The service claims to turn a bank of £1200 into around £9,155 in 12 months, give or take a small variation due to variables such as last minute odds changes. The worst case scenario would be if the recovery procedure after losses could not be achieved within the 20% of bank maximum, in which case a proportion of the bank would be written off. It is not clear from the website how often, if ever, this has happened since the inception of the system.

Although results are recorded to Betfair SP (BSP), bets can be placed with any bookmaker or exchange. There is one stipulation which can put off potential subscribers, and that is the need to be prepared to place the bets at post time. I’m not sure if it’s possible to use a bot with this, as the loss recovery system could get quite complicated under certain circumstances.

Target races (usually three or four, but sometimes fewer or none at all) are released to subscribers on the website after 10.30am.

2Horse Racing is currently offering a 10 day risk-free trial, after which the cost of subscription is £45 per month, with discounts for longer terms.


Although selections should, with little variation, be the same for all, results for individuals will be different depending on when the system was started. This is because the recovery mode depends on your starting point. Winning races are recorded regardless of recovery mode, and as these vary for all players it could not be done in any other way. Having said that, results after a win on any day are NOT recorded, whereas they should be because the winner won’t necessarily be valid for all players, depending on the situation of recovery mode and maximum percentage of bank under the rules.

Unfortunately the testing period began with a losing day and after some weeks with the bank in decline, I had some dialogue with the sellers to try and iron out the best way of handling recovery. After much updating of figures to find the most efficient way to make it work, the seller decided he didn’t wish to work with me any further and pulled the plug early. At this stage (day 25 of betting days, 6 weeks into the trial) the £1000 starting bank had arrived a perilous £317.56 (-£682.44).

The biggest problem I can see with the system is the flexibility of the recovery staking. The rules are, in the first selected race of the day any bets should be a maximum of 6% of the bank, as the odds dictate. Any more than that and that race is ignored. However, if recovery is in place, this limit is overruled and a maximum 20% put in plcae. There is also a 20% maximum on any given day, so if a bet is placed at 20% of the bank on the first race of the day and loses, the other selected races of the day are ignored. In the instructions given on the website, you are advised to divide recovery stakes into portions you are comfortable with. However, after using this methodology the seller did not like the reported results and opened a dialogue with me to point out that my portions were too low, and that it was important to maximise the recovery portions for the system to catch up. I therefore adjusted all the figures to allow for that, so that most of my recovery stakes were around 20% of the bank. The problem with that is, if you hit a losing race, that is your 20% maximum for the day, and so any winning races on that day are missed. This took me, in six betting days, from £822.80 (of £1000 bank) on April 20th, to £294.50 on April 29th. Although this was followed by 2 winning recovery days, the bank is so low that I believe it is likely to take many months to recover, if at all.

I did invite the seller to adjust my figures in a way that he felt it could be seen in a better light, but he declined. I’m afraid, therefore, that I have to consign this to the FAILED category.

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