Hi, I’m Dave and will be testing this daily for three months.

This service has been running successfully for a number of years.

The system is based on dutching the favourite and second favourite in nominated races on weekdays only, with the aim of building the bank by 1% on any race day. It takes advantage of a mathematical formula which has fine-tuned race stats to isolate race types in which favourites are most likely to win. A digital calculator is provided for staking, which has a built-in loss recovery model. The service claims to turn a bank of £1200 into around £9,155 in 12 months, give or take a small variation due to variables such as last minute odds changes. The worst case scenario would be if the recovery procedure after losses could not be achieved within the 20% of bank maximum, in which case a proportion of the bank would be written off. It is not clear from the website how often, if ever, this has happened since the inception of the system.

Although results are recorded to Betfair SP (BSP), bets can be placed with any bookmaker or exchange. There is one stipulation which can put off potential subscribers, and that is the need to be prepared to place the bets at post time. I’m not sure if it’s possible to use a bot with this, as the loss recovery system could get quite complicated under certain circumstances.

Target races (usually three or four, but sometimes fewer or none at all) are released to subscribers on the website after 10.30am.

2Horse Racing is currently offering a 10 day risk-free trial, after which the cost of subscription is £45 per month, with discounts for longer terms.

You can try 2 Horse Racing for 10 days here: