3 Minute Bets does indeed only take 3 minutes to access (from email) and place your bet(s) and check the results as the service suggests. However, it is not a worthwhile use of 3 minutes as the service regrettably failed to deliver.  Bets were placed  using  Best Odds Guaranteed books as recommended.

All 3 months were losing months.  The overall loss was 15.2 points. For a £10 better including the cost of 3 months service (currently £50.85), that is a total loss of £202.85.  Definitely a FAIL.

Number of Days  90

Number of Betting Days 90

Number of Winning Months 0/3

Number of Losing Months 3/3

Starting Bank  100 pts

Highest Bank   109.4 pts

Lowest Bank         80.5 pts

Strike Rate             29.7 %

Current Bank     84.8  pts

Profit/Loss   -15.2 pts

Return on Bank  = -15.2%

Return on Time = -0.034 pts/min (assumes 5 mins on average per betting day, this includes an additional 2 mins for recording bets and recording results)

You can try 3 Minute Bets here:

No Longer Available