Yesterdays Results:-
System 5:-
2.30 WIN High Calibre  9/4  3rd 
Total Pts Profit -8.5     Strike Rate 15.38%
We need something spectacular to happen to pull back our losses and convince us this is a good system. All I can say is, “ Thank goodness I paper trading!”
System 9:-
3.50 SOU Quiet Times  6/4   3rd
4.20 SOU Arch Of Titus  5/4   1st 
Total Pts Profit -2.9     Strike Rate 27.03%
Todays Selections:-
System 5:-
No bets

System 9:- 
3.30 SOU Baby Barr 6/1
2.40 WAR Patman Du Charmil 4/1
3.10 WAR Master Mahogany  9/2

Youve probably noticed from some of my other comments I a fairly reserved punter. With my other systems I would never bet on a race with 18 runners so I interested to see what happens with Master Mahogany at the 3:10 Warwick