Yesterdays Results:-
System 9:-
3.30 SOU Baby Barr 6/1  10th
2.40 WAR Patman Du Charmil 4/1  1st
3.10 WAR Master Mahogany  9/2  2nd                                                                            Total Pts Profit -1.0     Strike Rate 27.50%
Well, I was right about the 3:10 Warwick yesterday. I don’t like races with loads of runners. However our selection did come in 2nd, losing by 3 lengths, but this doesnt make us any money.
A nice 4/1 winner. Interestingly it only had an SP of 2/1 so lucky I took the early price on Betfair. On the 12th March I had a selection where I took the early price but the SP was twice as much.
My strategy (you stick to what you prefer) is take the early price and then at least I know what price I getting. When I look at the Sporting Life website for the results I just look at the position and not the SP so I don’t feel gutted if it was higher than my taken odds unless of course someone (thank you Graham) is nice enough to point this out, as on 12th March. As this is a test system I did look at the SP yesterday.
Todays Selections:-
System 5:-
No Bets again 
System 9:-
2.10 CHE Jaunty Flight  11/2
2.40 CHE City Of Manchester  11/2
2.30 KEM Ochre  2/1
Hmmmm. both the 2.10 and the 2.40 selections are the 3rd favourite on Betfair . I won’t hold my breath at these prices but you never know.