Todays Results:-
2.55 KEM Prime Defender  15/8  2nd
4.30 NEW Harland  7/5  1st
2.45 UTT Green ´N´ Gold  5/2  2nd

Overall Totals

System 5:-

Total Pts Profit -9.5     Strike Rate 14.29%

System 9:-

Total Pts Profit -19.00  Strike Rate 25.29%

Overall Review:-

Well what can I say apart from “What a load of cr*p!”

Okay, maybe that is a bit harsh as I only tested 2 of the systems out of the 10. The other eight you need to use the Daily Mirror Newspaper. But lets be honest, if you are reading this that means you are online and you shouldnt have to buy a newspaper system when all the data needed for a system should be available online on the Racing Post website (it’s free, quicker, and a lot less hassle), unless of course you are using a system using a newspapers tipsters i.e. The Daily Mail.

I would have to say what dreadful results. Thankfully, I was paper trading. I amazed the person selling this system is actually selling it. Is he or has he tried the systems himself? I doubt it. Just look at those strike rates. Awful! I suppose you could use the System 9 Speed Form Two using a progressive staking plan but get ready for many long losing runs which is okay if you got a stomach made of steel. However, would you really want to pay for a system with this strike rate? You would probably get a better strike rate just simply betting on the favourites. I would only say it was good value for money if it came free on the back of cereal packet!

I reckon the person who came up with these systems had a bad day at the races, stormed into the nearest pub, got incredibly drunk and wrote them on the back of a beer mat.

So my advice is keep your money in your pocket. There are far superior systems out there and thanks to the Cash Master Blog we will do the testing for you so you never have to waste your money and be disappointed.

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