Yesterday’s Results:-

Oh bugger! Another losing trade. I placed the back at 1.5 (which is the minimum the system allows to trade at) but when laying the price had gone to 1.52. Again the priced seemed to have bottomed out around this price.

Being an optimist and trying to find something positive out of the situation the horse did go on to win the race. So yes, I did lose some money but we are now looking at 2 winners out of 5 selections; a 40 % strike rate.

So next week I’m gonna try backing a little earlier in the day although I am follow the instructions to the book. Yesterday’s horse would have made a profit if I would have got in earlier with my back bet. Let’s see what happens.

There are no races today so everyone have an enjoyable day off. The rest of the weekend looks quite busy for races particularly Monday so hopefully we will have plenty of selections then to try my new theory.