Yesterday’s Results (I’m only posting the winners. If if isn’t posted then the horse lost, unless the race was abandoned):-

Sytem 5:-

A good start to the first day of the system (with qualifing bets):-

4.45 AYR Something Silver  7/2
System Total Pts Profit +1.5

System 9:-

Oh dear! One winner out of five. Oh well, it’s early days yet.

4.00 LEI Holy Joe  7/2
System Total Pts Profit -0.3

Today’s Selections:-

Just to let you know on Saturdays and Sundays I use Betfair. So the prices below are the prices at 6:30am.

System 5:-

3.10 SAN Mac Federal  13/1
5.00 AYR Almire Du Lia  4/1 

System 9:-

1.50 WOL Elyaadi  11/5
2.15 AYR Rossin Gold  11/5
2.20 WOL Party Boss  5/2
3.35 CHE High Chimes  6/5
3.45 SAN Arctic Magic  13/2
4.00 WOL Belvedere Vixen  7/2
5.25 SAN Hoo La Baloo  4/6
5.30 AYR Berwick Law  4/5
Some good prices again. Quite often the selection is the second favourite again.

Staking plan:-

I thought I’d let you know what I’m doing for staking. I’ve taken my starting bank of £100 and am betting 10% on each selection. So 1pt is 10% of the bank. This is not my usual staking plan for any of my other systems but I thought it’s a simple way of running this test. Of course this does carry severe risk. For example, if all today’s System 9 horses lose I have lost 80% of my bank. A better choice would be bet 1% of the bank, but lets see what happens.