Yesterday’s Results:-

System 5:-

Both horses lost.

Total Pts Profit -0.5

Total Strike Rate 40%

System 9:-

3.35 CHE High Chimes  6/5
4.00 WOL Belvedere Vixen  7/2
5.25 SAN Hoo La Baloo  4/6
5.30 AYR Berwick Law  4/5

Total Pts Profit +1.56

Total Strike Rate 26.67%

Graham of Cash Master pointed out to me that ‘Belvedere Vixen’ actually came in at SP of 6/1 which is nearly twice what I got in the morning. So this will have an impact on the total profit. Something to watch out for in the future. (Thanks for making me feel gutted Graham).

Note I’ve started adding the strike rate to both systems. It’s too early to take this figure into consideration to rate this system but I thought you might like to follow this.

Today’s Selections:-

System 5:-

No Bets

There was one qualifier. 3.10 WAR Alfadora but the odds are less than evens on Betfair. For this system we don’t bet on anything less than evens.

System 9:-

2.20 MAR Mendo  4/6
2.40 WAR Best Actor  5/6
2.50 MAR Runthatpastmeagain  15/8
4.40 MAR Wendys Dynamo  9/2
Prices are as of Betfair at 7:20am. Note ‘Mendo’, which is at the smallest odds we allow for this system.