Hi everyone

My name is André and I have been using the Cash Master Software since 25th May 06 although I’ve been involved with horse racing for quite a few years.

I’m gonna be testing some systems called ‘3 Minute Systems’. I think the answer for why they are called that is pretty obvious. Just incase you are not sure it’s coz they only take 3 minutes to find your selections. Saying that, it took less than that this morning probably coz there is only one U.K. meeting

There is ten systems in all but I’m going to test just two of them. The other eight require The Daily Mirror. The two systems I’m looking at you can use the Racing Post. The two systems are:-

System 5 – The ‘On the Mark’ Betting System (This system looks at the handicaps)


System 9 – The ‘Speed Form Two’ Betting System (This system looks at the non-handicaps)

Both systems are going to be tested for level stake betting.

I’m going to test them for at least two months as they are quite selective and I think any system should be tested for two or possibly three months before making a decision wether it works or not.

I’m a little dubious of System 5 as I don’t like betting on handicaps and for most of my other sytems that I use including all three Cash Master Systems I avoid handicap races. It seems to eliminate the occasional long losing run. However, this is a test and hopefully at the end of it I’ll be eating my words.

Here are todays selctions:-

System 5 – The ‘On the Mark’ Betting System


System 9 – The ‘Speed Form Two’ Betting System

4.55 WIN Provocative
5.30 WIN Gansey

I’ll post the results in tomorrows blog.