After a break even November, the service is backpedalling again with three minus fours in 3 days (all stakes lost). Snooker appears to be a particular weakness with all three snooker bets in December losing. We’re about 10 points down for December and 42 down overall, and as this trial finishes just before Christmas they’ll be hoping for a change in fortunes in the run-up. It must be remembered, though, that it would only take 3 trixies up to turn this around, and that’s not impossible with average bet prices at around the 2.25 mark.

This is a trixie service which covers football, horse racing, tennis, darts and snooker and potentially other sports too. There’s one trixie a day, prices are usually around the evens mark, so a successful trixie makes around 16 points profit. Obviously there are 4 points outlay a day and going on what we’ve seen so far where all 4 points are lost (0 or 1 win), it probably needs 4 trixies up a month to make a profit.

If you want a short cheap trial, you can try the 7 day trial for £1.50 HERE