The service finally hit its 6th trixie of the trial yesterday, and it was a biggie. 32.47 points profit, or even more for those taking advantage of BOG. This puts December into big profit, and the service trial overall close to break even. It has been a bit of a struggle but just shows what can happen when all three bets come right.

This is a trixie service which covers football, horse racing, tennis, darts and snooker and potentially other sports too. There’s one trixie a day, prices are usually around the evens mark, so a successful trixie makes around 16 points profit. Obviously there are 4 points outlay a day and going on what we’ve seen so far where all 4 points are lost (0 or 1 win), it probably needs 4 trixies up a month to make a profit.

If you want a short cheap trial, you can try the 7 day trial for £1.50 HERE