Ok so I have revisited this after buying the product myself a few months back and giving it the thumbs down. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance and we all know that systems go through green patches so the feeling was maybe I was just unlucky.

I have run the system for the last 3 weeks when the opportunity presented itself and sadly I got the same results as i did previously. I wouldn’t have minded the odd losing situation but the claims of £5k a month are completely unfounded. The odds just do not reflect the movements claimed in the dvd course. Ok admittedly I did trade on games which went against the grain form wise, but equally I traded games which went as we would expect but the odds movements to generate a profit just did not happen.

That said you will get winning trades. The actual rationale behind the system is sound and you will make money on occasion but not enough to back the ridiculous claims made on the sales page. Over 3 weeks I am down approx £50 so not a lot and I wouldn’t put anyone off giving this a go as the system is cheap relatively speaking and is back by a cast iron money back guarantee. If nothing else it is an education on how to back/lay in play for a guaranteed payout so some may find it useful and, hey, you may even make a tenner or two. But you will not be able to quit your day job and live the life of riley!

So this as you may guess will be filed in the failed category!

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