So today we will start a review of the 30 minute Unitrader system by Matt Fyles.

I actually bought this system quite a few months back but didn’t get a real chance to test it properly at the time.

The system is based on trading a specific football scenario which occurs fairly regularly. When I first watched the DVD’s, I must admit, it was a bit of a light bulb moment as the rules are based on sound principles, but we will withold judgement until a full trial is completed.

The system is presented as a two DVD set but I wouldn’t bother watching the 1st if you a regular on betfair as there wasn’t any content within this that I didn’t already know.

Interestingly enough just after I received the system I was bombarded with marketing material regarding another of Matt Fyle’s systems called the Ternary system. Both systems have massive hype and (I would imagine) massively over hyped profit claims. Also, while I remember the system isn’t on a DVD as advertised but on a PC data disc so beware if using a MAC I am pretty sure you will not be able to play the discs.

The system itself revolves around the “in-play” betfair market so if you are unable to have betfair running in the background during a live match there is no point even considering the system as you will be unable to open or even close a potential trade. Matt shows you how to set betfair up so that it will signal you using an audio alarm to potential trades, however, this can get quite annoying, especially for a non-football loving wife!

Thats about it for the intro so lets see how we get on tonight!