I have been looking at Platinum Winners from the Pro Betting Club stable, a horse racing tipping service for backing horses to win. The service normally costs £39.50 per month.

There is a staking plan with this service, which increases the points to be bet until the 8th consecutive loss, whereupon the cycle resets.

It is very simple to operate, you get the selections and put them on, using Betfair or Bookies, so I recorded prices to BSP.

I finished at 32.92 points down, this is a loss of £329.20 using our standard £10 per point. From this 3 months subscriptions need to be deducted, leaving a total loss of £447.70. The website recommends a bank of £800 to operate at £10 per point, well actually it say £8000 for £100 per point. So, with subscriptions included, we have lost nearly 50% of the bank.

34 wins in 151 selections, so the win rate is 23% and the average odds were 3.64.

Losing 50% of the bank is not great, but there does appear to be signs of life in this service. Roughly 6 winning weeks and six losing weeks, one week more or less even, the damage, so to speak, is unlucky wins just after a reset. Therefore, I am going to categorise this a neutral.

More info HERE.