I have been looking at Black Dog forex again after my initial review some nine years ago. This is going to be a one-off review.

First thing to say is I absolutely love the revamped site. Obviously working from memory, but it was difficult to understand the Black Dog systems when you had to trawl through many pages of forum posts. This new layout is a very much more structured approach which encourages students to learn and practice. As Black Dog is not a system which provides you with entry signals there is no EA and you have to learn how to place and manage trades manually.

What has changed? Well Black Dog basic is unchanged from what I can remember, as is MTF2. Black Dog very much fits with my trading style: Price Action, trading with the trend and looking for retraces for entries (hi low). There is a new system, BDQF, but it appears this is very much based on the original systems, and is probably the recommended system now, although the others still work.

Dave is a scalper trading the five and 15 minute markets. This is too much of a commitment to screen time for me but the good news is that Black Dog is multi timeframe and I’m very interested in operating the system on H4 or dailies. The Black Dog education programme does provide advice on how to set up longer timeframe charts. Of course, with longer timeframes this means larger stops and different risk management.

I liked what I saw nine years ago and still very much like what I see today. The system worked back then and because its core mechanics are unchanged I have no reason to doubt that the system would work well even in today’s markets. I would have liked to do a few weeks trading the Black Dog system, however very poor health is limiting what I can do at the moment and it has not been possible to trade. Hopefully I will be able to place some trades in the future, and if I do I’ll provide a further update.

I notice that one of the comments on my original post say that there are better systems out there. That very much depends on your style of trading and what you’re expecting from the service. I believe that the education is sound and so long as you understand that you are learning how to trade rather than being told when to place trades this is still one of the better systems out there. I am very happy to approve this service again.

I recommend Black Dogs for folks looking to learn how to trade, or traders who are not reaching their profit targets. If you already know how to trade and have successful methodologies, then this isn’t for you; you’ll be far to tempted to tinker with the systems by adding your own “must have” indicator.

You can get Black Dog here.