Another new sport for me is NHL (Ice Hockey). From Betting Gods, the tipster I am following is NHL Betting Master. It might be an odd time to start this trial as the Stanley Cup is being played for, I assume that the service will use other hockey competitions (Russia, Sweden, etc).

The selections are expected in the afternoon between 4:30 and 6:30.

A 100-point bank is advised, so a starting bank of £1,000 to start at our £10 per pip standard.

I will record results using the advised prices and Betfair prices when the email is received. I will deduct 2% from Betfair winnings for commission. Where the advicsed market is not offered by Betfair, I will simply add the bookmakers returns to the Btefair column, so Betfair results will be a mixture of exchange & bookmaker.

You can get more info here