I have been following NSH racing, a horse tipping service from Pro Betting Club that costs £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter.

To get selections you log in to a website.

Here at CashMasters we try to remain impartial, but this service has irritated me with (very) minor niggles.

  • “Selections are online by 20.00 every evening BEFORE race day.”, often but not always. Website says by 10:30 but this hasn’t been true recently either.
  • The website isn’t updated if there are no tips, which means you have to spam refresh to check whether there are any tips.
  • Selections are not always in race order.

I agree this are not big things, but just got under my skin.

Anyway …

82 wins from 267 bets made 23.58 points, £235 to our standard £10 per point and easily covering subscription costs. However, these profits have come in the final 2 weeks of the trial, basically since jumps ended and flat season started. Betfair was 45.21 points (£452) so exchanges is a viable option if you want to protect your bookmaker accounts. These profits are to level stakes, compounding could increase these returns.

A 75 point bank is recommended, so £750 is needed for £10 per point.

I am going to approve this service as it did make a profit. Where I am uneasy doing so is because this profit came right at the end of the trial.

You can get NSH Racing here.