Betting Mastermind is a nice simple football betting service provided by Stuart who I have actually known in the betting space for over a decade.

You get an email each morning with the tips for the day and you simply place a 1 point level stake on each selection and get on with your day.

He provides tips in five specific football markets and previous published results are VERY tasty. Here are last years:

Back the Draw = 121 points
Lay the Draw = 93 points
Back the Home Win = 44 points
Back the Away Win = 55 points
Back Over 0.5 Fist Half Goals = 61 points

That’s 374 points or £3,740 to just £10 level stakes.

The total profit combined since 01.01.2019 is over 1880 points or £18,800 to £10 level stakes.

The service costs £39.99 per month which is very reasonable indeed if these profit levels continue. You get the first two weeks for just £1 so you can try it out and see if it’s for you.

Obviously you can’t judge how profitable it will be in just two weeks, but you can see if you like this style of betting and if it fits in with your lifestyle.

There is also an additional option of completely automating this service with a betting bot, namely BF Bot Manager. There is no extra charge for this from Stuart although of course you’ll need your own subscription to BF Bot Manager (and a VPS if you want it all running in the cloud). Since I do already run BF Bot Manager for other strategies I’ve chosen to use this option as it makes this trial effortless. The bot automatically downloads the selections each day and bets on them so all I have to do is check to see how they are doing once in a while.

As usual, I’m betting at £10 level stakes, betting on Betfair. I’ve been running this since 21st December and here are my results so far in just two weeks:

That’s £175.48 or 17.5 points already, so a very good start.

You can try Betting Mastermind for £1 here