Not to be confused with 4ex Pips

Somewhat annoyingly my Broker’s demo service has suffered several outages this week; I have lost parts of some sessions and one lost an entire session on Wednesday afternoon. Therefore I do not feel that the data that I have collected for this week represents a true and accurate picture of this service and I am going to ignore this week. The results would have been:

Week 10
EURUSD AM -3 Pips, PM 10 pips.
Total +7 pips.

GBPUSD AM 1 Pips, PM -7 pips.
Total -6 pips.


FTSE AM 0 Pips, PM -5 pips.
Total -5 pips.

DOW AM -19 Pips, PM +50 pips.
Total +31 pips.


So, taken across all 4 instruments, I am ignoring a winning week.


Now I have mentioned them, here are the totals for FTSE and DOW so far:

FTSE AM 167 Pips, PM 41 pips.
Total 208 pips for £357 off the £1,000 start bank and £2,080 of £10 per pip.

DOW AM -73 Pips, PM 197.7 pips.
Total 124.7 pips for £177 off the £1,000 start bank and £1,247 of £10 per pip.


As stated the other week, I have given up on Crude Oil.


Usual caveats apply:

Trading ForEx is discretionary; I’ll see trades other people won’t and miss trades that they take. We all read the market differently; therefore your results will be different from mine. Further, I am experienced trader with over 4 years’ experience. Although I try my best not to colour my trials with this experience it is impossible to remove it completely.

Please also note that for ease of reporting I am using GKFX however this does give different signals to, say, IG Index.