A better October result.

The system continued to show profits in October even if using a mechanical entry and exit strategy of taking 10 pips profit or allowing losing trades to run to the maximum 20 pip loss.

If you implemented a mechanical strategy the results for October were…

Currency AM Other PM Grand Total
EUR/USD 50 40 20 110
GBP/USD 40 -20 30 50
Grand Total 90 20 50 160

So overall a good profit.

However, if you actively traded the entry signals and exited trades in line with the indicators, taking the bigger profits when able and reducing losses by exiting when indicators supported that action, the results would have been significantly better.

Currency AM Other PM Grand Total
EUR/USD 118 100 50 268
GBP/USD 130 -20 90 200
Grand Total 248 80 140 468

To achieve these types of profits you do need to be able to trade during the sessions and actively watch the charts.

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