Having seen the review of this system undertaken by Arthur in 2013 I was interested to know if it was still performing therefore I have agreed to review this once again.

Having spend a few days reading the manual and testing the signals I will begin recording actual results from Monday.

I will be testing this on the following markets:


I am also looking back over markets to see how often these signals and entries happen although that back tracking will take a while to complete.

The system is well written and fairly mechanical so everyone should see the same signal and entry candles. You will need to have an understanding of a candle chart and be able open and trade a spread betting account. I am using IG for this test.

I will be using a £20,000 bank which I know is quite large but the risk per trade is 1% looking to gain 0.5% so I will be trading at £10 per point, to achieve this a £20000 bank would be required. Obviously you can use these results on a £2000 bank if you divide everything by 10.

I am looking to profit £100 per successful trade risking £200 each time so the strike rate needs to be good.

Will report back at the end of next week with my first week results.

You can try the 4X Pip System here.