So here we have reached the end of the test and ended with over 7 points profit to level stakes. 🙂 🙂 🙂 There were 31 selections of which 17 won, giving us 55% winners. All but 2 were placed, which would open the door to running this as a place back system. With no real threat to the bank, and no long losing runs, then I suggest it would also lend itself to running doubles or trebles. The author recommends a ratcheting staking plan to lock the profits in, and I can see this working very well too.

All in all a very pleasant, straighforward and quick system to use. The ebook is very clear, and I was able to follow the rules easily and make the daily selections within 2 – 3 minutes once I got used to the system.

I was able to input the picks into a bot, set and forget and see the results after I came home from a day’s busking. For the “old school” bettors, the system can be used at bookies shops, both online and offline. The system can be used live, or, (my favourite) it can be incorporated into a Stop At A Winner, loss recovery plan with a daily target of 2% of the bank. In theory, a ÂŁ100 bank could double within a month with the present strike rate.

So, a nice system to suit most pockets and gambling styles.

I am delighted to recommend 50% Favourites for the Approved Systems Department!

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