This is a unique horse racing service where you get an email mid-morning containing 3 bets, one for 3 point stake, one for two points and one for one point, so your total outlay each day is 6 points. There aren’t any selections on a Sunday. The email contains suggested odds and the bookmakers where you might find them and are win only bets.

I recorded performance using these advised odds without BOG and to Betfair SP with 2% commission deducted.

The service costs £24.99 per month with a reduction for a quarterly subscription.

During the trial I hit a 17% strike rate, a bit removed from the 22% claimed on the website, so this review could have hit a patch of poor performance; I am aware of a significant number of second places, which is frustrating.

To advised stakes the review ended -56.70 points, blowing the advised 50-point bank, BSP ended -2.22.

Blowing the bank is almost an automatic fail. BSP performance at a tad under break even is the only saving factor. I dislike failing a service where I feel there is a genuine attempt to provide a winning service, and as the service is managed by BetInfo24 it will have undergone tests before going to market. I am going to Fail this as even the BSP performance is nowhere near covering the subscription and I have to concentrate on the results I have recorded.

You can try 6pt Plan here.