I have a few new trials starting. The first one I’ll be looking at is 6pt Plan.

Here you get an email mid-morning containing three bets which total a liability of six points. Each selection states advised odds and a bookmaker where these odds are available. The strongest bet will be allocated 3 points, next best 2 points and finally the weakest selection is allocated 1 point.

The service boasts a high strike rate of 22%. A 50 point bank is advised, although I’ll only be recording point totals and then using the CashMaster standard £10 per point.

The service costs £24.99 per month with a reduction for a quarterly subscription.

I’ll record the advised odds; I don’t use BOG as this is a feature bookmakers can withdraw. I’ll also record BSP with 2% commission now that Betfair offer this to punters.

You can get 6pt Pan here.