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Ever wanted to be in early on the next big success story?  

Today you can get real shares in a small privately owned UK business that has secured a massive order with one of the UK’s biggest superstores.

Their brand new drink will be on the shelves at ASDA from next week right next to FeverTree. FeverTree Drinks is currently valued at a whopping £3.3 Billion.   

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Also, very soon the salvage team head back out to complete their first gold salvage target that could contain gold worth c. £400million. This is just the first of many targets. They’ve already completed 90% of the salvage operation on the first target.

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Join the Angel Business Club today for £80 and you’ll get £70 worth of shares in 4 really exciting businesses:  

1) Halo Drinks Company (Skinny Tonic will be in the shelves at ASDA week)

2) Britannia’s Gold (Multi-million gold salvage project re-starting in the next few weeks/days)

3) Total Environmental Solutions (Have a huge contract to clean up engine oil from ships and hope to pay dividends later this year)

4) MyCab International (The Uber of the corporate travel sector, currently taking 20-30,000 bookings per month, with massive growth potential)  

Join today and get your shares within 48 hours. 14 day, risk free 100% money back guarantee.

Angel Business Club

Here’s a quick video showing results from members of the ABC worldwide investment club. The video includes details of a stay at home mother who has seen her savings account grow by 159.9% in the last 18 months alone.

Check it out:

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Angel Business Club

2018 was a good year for ABC and if you’re looking at getting involved in a proven profitable investment club then this one should certainly be a part of your portfolio.

Here’s a quick update on news that came out at the end of last year from the Angel Business Club.

1) Ridercam Shares have just been revalued. They are now worth 110% more than when the Club invested.

2) Halo Drinks company confirmed that their new “skinny tonic” drink will be available to buy in ASDA superstores across the UK from March time. Fingers crossed sales go well. The main competitor, FeverTree Drinks is currently valued somewhere around £3 billion so if we can get to near that, we’re going to make a fortune.

3) Rockster. Big contract secured for their premium dog food with the biggest pet food distributor in the USA. Initially they hope to be available from over 500 point of sales so 2019 looks like it’s going to be massive for Rockster.

4) SmartTrade App. Are gearing themselves up for a flotation or sale to a big competitor in 2019 with their deals with Barclays bank and Lloyds looking very strong.

5) TECS have announced they are in the process of two acquisitions which could see TECS valued in the region of £15 million once completed (around March 2019). The Club first invested with TECS at a valuation of £3million. That would give us a 500% growth in value potentially in less than a year. This is still just the start though.

It’s all looking very good and the beauty is, you don’t need to know anything about investing. The club does it all for you. Join the Club today and every week you’ll get shares in great start up companies just like those I’ve listed above. You get a full 14 day no quibble money back guarantee. So start 2019 with a bang!

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Angel Business Club

Today is your last chance to get shares in the small private company, Titan Group, at just £0.05p per share. Titan have recently secured investment of £280,000 at £0.08372p per share (valuing the business at £5million).

All you need to get as many shares as possible is upgrade your Angel Business Club account before 10pm (UK time) today. 75% of the shares you’ll receive tonight will be in Titan Group, at just £0.05p each. That’s a whopping 60% discount to their true value.

Here are more details

UPGRADE your membership today before the valuation increase! This week TITAN share entitlements allocation will be the last one at a valuation £3 million market cap.

But wait… what’s this Angel Business Club all about?

We had a brilliant update webinar last week on the investments made by the Angel Business Club. Here are some of the highlights:

1) Dominic (CEO and co-founder of the Club) shared the importance of having a medium to long term view on investment. We should not be in the Club simply to double our money and make a quick exit. The Club is investing in high quality businesses with massive long term valuation potential. For example, one company our Chairman, Philip Reid was involved with went from a valuation of £3m to £150m in just a few years. That’s a 50x return for an investor. Those sorts of returns can be truly life changing and are well worth waiting for. There are quite a few investments made by the Club in the last 3 years that have 30x, 50x and 100x (and greater) return potential.

2) The Rockster have had two new investors (one investment is from the Schroder banking family) which really confirms the Club has made a brilliant investment here. Also, The Rockster have teased us a little as they have had interest from the biggest pet food distributor in the USA. Exciting days ahead.

3) SmartTradeApp have reported their year on year sales have increased by 115%. This is great news, but just the tip of the iceberg because once the customers start flowing in from the current contract with Barclays Bank this will seem like a drop in the ocean. Could SmartTrade App one day be worth £1billion+? It’s certainly a possibility and if it does, you’ll be glad you were a member of Angel Business Club today and your friends and family will wish they were like you and had joined ABC when you did.

4) Eurobrands have announced the appointment of a new sales manager and have massive expansion plans. They intend to open “in-store” outlets in 100 stores over the next 16 months.

5) MyCab International. Sales are booming. The Club invested when the business was valued at around £3million. It is now looking more and more likely that MyCab could be looking at a flotation in 2 or 3 years time with a possible valuation of around £100million. Again, a 33x potential return.

6) Ridercam. An important milestone is set to be completed on 19th Sept and then they are set for rapid expansion. Sales of movies on the rides at DC RIvals Hypercoaster in Australia continue to exceed sales forecasts and the deal is still on for the biggest roller coaster manufacturer in the world. 250 million people visit the top 25 theme parks in the world every year. The numbers are mind boggling for the long term valuation potential. Here’s someone who posted up their Ridercam movie footage. The interesting thing to note about that YouTube video is the number of views it’s had which considering the poster only has 6 subscribers shows how viral these videos can be and what brilliant publicity it is for the roller coaster operators.

7) Wavetech, all looking good for the NASDAQ flotation. An easy 25% return for investors.

8) Titan float still on. (One of 3 flotations lined up for the next few weeks/months). A few years out this business could easily be worth £100million+. We’ve invested via the Club at just £3million. Again, another 33x bagger?

That’s just some of the highlights!

If you want access to future webinars like this but more importantly, if you want the potential to increase your money by 30x , 50x or 100x+ then you should join the Club asap.

Give it a try for a few months and see how it works from the inside and I promise you won’t regret it.

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For more info about the Club check out these videos here

I almost forgot to mention Britannia’s Gold is in the news, again. Make sure you get as big a share of the gold payouts as possible.