Angel Business Club

Last week we had some brilliant news on several of the businesses the Club has invested in, but one in particular stands out, as it has just been revalued. Subsequently, it is now worth +547% more than it was in August.

That would have turned a £3,500 investment into £19,145. That’s what angel investing is all about! This is still just the start of things.

Watch the video update here

Angel Business Club Global Convention

Get 20 FREE Gold Dividend Units

On 22nd June 2019, you can go and see for yourself what Angel Business Club is all about. They hold their annual global conference on that day in London to celebrate their 4 years in business.

If you have not already bought your ticket, you should definitely do it now as they are currently giving away 20 Britannia’s Gold dividend fund units to anyone that purchases a convention ticket.

This convention will be unique with 12 CEOs sharing their journey and exclusive news.

As long as you are at least a free member of the club you can buy tickets for the event and see first hand how valuable their projects are.


To buy tickets to the event, click the link below, remember you must be at least a free member to purchase tickets so the link will not work until you’ve joined:


Angel Business Club Global Convention

Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) Book your ticket today for an extra bonus! ENDS TONIGHT AT 23h59 CEST If you have not already bought your ticket for the Global Convention, you should definitely do it now! ABC are giving away a very special bonus to people...

Angel Business Club

Ever wanted to be in early on the next big success story?  

Today you can get real shares in a small privately owned UK business that has secured a massive order with one of the UK’s biggest superstores.

Their brand new drink will be on the shelves at ASDA from next week right next to FeverTree. FeverTree Drinks is currently valued at a whopping £3.3 Billion.   

Watch this short video

Also, very soon the salvage team head back out to complete their first gold salvage target that could contain gold worth c. £400million. This is just the first of many targets. They’ve already completed 90% of the salvage operation on the first target.

Watch this short video

Join the Angel Business Club today for £80 and you’ll get £70 worth of shares in 4 really exciting businesses:  

1) Halo Drinks Company (Skinny Tonic will be in the shelves at ASDA week)

2) Britannia’s Gold (Multi-million gold salvage project re-starting in the next few weeks/days)

3) Total Environmental Solutions (Have a huge contract to clean up engine oil from ships and hope to pay dividends later this year)

4) MyCab International (The Uber of the corporate travel sector, currently taking 20-30,000 bookings per month, with massive growth potential)  

Join today and get your shares within 48 hours. 14 day, risk free 100% money back guarantee.