Rendlesham Racing

Rendlesham Racing is a horse racing tipster where the full-priced subscription is £34.99 but there are different nett monthly rates for longer subscriptions. Selections are emailed or SMS’d out between 8:15am – 8:45am each morning. A 150 points is the recommended start for your betting bank, so for £10 per point – £1,500 betting bank is required. Once your betting bank increases by 50 points you increase your bet by 50%.

The email or webpage you access from a link in the SMS text contains the selection, a suggested stake (in points) and bet method (win or each-way).

There were also several football accas, none of which won but they usually came very close, i.e. just 1 leg losing.

Finishing the trial at 0.44 points to advised odds the service returns a small loss once subscriptions are deducted. However, a profit of 30.08 points is made using BSP after a 2% deduction; at our standard £10 per point that is £300 covering all subscription costs even the annual cost. I do not rate horse racing using bookmakers BOG as this is a perk; I cannot get BOG on most of my bookmaker accounts anymore. However, if you can get BOG this service returned 27.09 points, or £270.90 at £10 per point. I didn’t hit the profit required to increase the staking. Weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12 were not kind to the service and this is the always awkward switch of codes from flat to National Hunt.

Based on advised odds this service would be neutral but BSP performance covers subscription costs and on that basis I am going to approve this service. I have not considered BOG in determining this but BOG performance is another mark in their favour.

You can get Rendlesham Racing here.

Rendlesham Racing

The trial ends with five wins and an each-way winner.

Week 13: Bets 23, Wins 6, Profit 6.45, BSP 10.85
Overall: Bets 246: Bets 70, Wins 0.44, BSP 30.08

Rendlesham Racing

Two wins, an each-way win and five placed for a winning week to advised prices, but a losing week using BSP.

Week 11: Bets 22, Wins 8, Profit 3.2, BSP -2.77
Overall: Bets 223: Bets 64, Wins 53.24, BSP 76.65

Rendlesham Racing

One winner, one each-way winner and two placed this week for another losing week; thankfully a buffer had been built up with the previous resulta.

Week 10: Bets 17, Wins 4, Profit -2.05, BSP -3.43
Overall: Bets 201: Bets 56, Wins 50.04, BSP 79.42

Rendlesham Racing

October is a difficult month for horses as the summer flat season winds down but winter season is only just starting. Only 1 win and 1 placed this week. Thankfully a healthy buffer has been built from previous results.

Week 10: Bets 11, Wins 2, Profit -2.7, BSP -2.48
Overall: Bets 184: Bets 52, Wins 52.09, BSP 82.85