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Just when we thought The Horse Race Predictor couldnt get any better… The guys at The Horse Race Predictor have added the 1 Bet A Day™ and Daily HRP Tripler™ to their portfolio of advanced winning methods.

This is what Gav Summerhill told us about these new additions:

“We made a startling discovery when organising over 20 years worth of data for The Horse Race Predictor, as there was one particular bet every day which always showed a profit over the month and of course, the year. We now call it the 1 Bet A Day™ System.”

“Many of our members enjoy the sheer sporting thrill of having a methodology which will enable them to interpret virtually any horse race betting market in a profitable way. Some of our sportsmen and women have pressing demands on their time of course, and this is where the 1 Bet A Day™ comes in.”

Let’s look at a sequence of bets from the Monday after the November Handicap in 2018 right up to July 29th 2019. In other words 8 months of daily bets from the very start of the National Hunt season and including a period which is traditionally known as a poor time for backers.

  • November 12th: £500
  • Month 1: £839 + 72%
  • Month 2: £939 + 88%
  • Month 3: £600 + 20%
  • Month 4: £1120 + 120%
  • Month 5: £2200 + 344%
  • Month 6: £3295 + 551%
  • Month 7: £4072 + 712%
  • Month 8: £6115 + 1025%

As you can see from the above figures at no point in this sample was the bank in anything other than pure profit at the end of the month, in month 3 this period coincided with the winter freeze and many abandoned meetings along with unfavourable going.

We can also see that the bank is now showing a regular income of around £2,000 per month and rising.

Find out more here.

When was the last investment opportunity you found which promised 1025% return on capital in less than 8 months?

Gav has put the entire 1 Bet A Day™ ‘road map’ into a handy but comprehensive document which will guide you with profit projections all based on your starting bank.

This document is issued to all members and will enable you to prepare for financial independence with The Horse Race Predictor all for less than one minute of work each day!


Introducing The HRP Daily Tripler™

This additional method puts The 1 Bet A Day™ System on Steroids!!!

By taking the trial through this link you will get access to the 1 Bet A Day™ System AND HRP Daily Tripler™ in addition to all the other benefits of your HRP membership.

The Horse Race Predictor

As May draws to a close, time for another The Horse Race Predictor update.

Please note that all my bets using this service are wholly off the automiser bot now.

Since the master-class, roughly 2 months ago, it has been a bit of a struggle to say the least. Many systems have seen decent profits wiped out, and more, by a couple of losing days. I hope that we are coming out of this period now and can get back on the road to serious profits. My results are corrupted because of fiddling with settings, forgetting to reset or switch the bot on and some other actions, but here are MY results as they currently stand:

Coupmaster: +17%
Quads: For me a couple of blown banks, however the settings have been amended with the addition of a stop-loss feature, so trying again, -5%. I do need to monitor this as the best stop-loss value has yet to be determined.
Mighty Tosh: Manual may be better way to bet these, but I do them via the bot. Please note that this service only resumed 1st May. +92%.
Dutch Platinum +7%
Top Rated: +62%
Joint Roster +30%
One a day: +25% but this service works differently from the above and is intended as a slow and steady builder.

Just to reiterate, these are MY results, other folks may have done better or worse depending on their bot settings and the systems they are following.

Not following these gurus, but their results show:
Method Maker +55% (since May 9th)
The Squire is really slamming it with +149% (also since May 9th).
Lieutenant K Triple S is also steaming hot with +123%, and this service is going to be reset to £1000 withdrawing some £500 of profit.

There are other systems on the forum that I am not reporting on in this post.

So some services have hit their monthly target (Triple S, The Squire). a couple on target to meet, or get close to, their targets (Method Maker, Mighty Tosh, Top Rated).

You’d need very deep pockets to, say, put £500 on each system. You really just want to select one or two that fit your betting profile. I keep saying this, honestly, do NOT bet everything. On the bot, most of the systems are still on test bets, I only have a real bank on two systems and I am very happy with the way bank is growing again now, it was a test of my resolve for a while.

For me, this service still retains its approved status.

You can get The Horse Race predictor here.

The Horse Race Predictor

At the beginning of April I spent the weekend with the folks at The Horse Race Predictor (HRP) masterclass in Sheffield.

It was a joy to meet the folks behind the product and to have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the service and its systems and to make some new friends.

Saturday was spent mostly setting up a new HRP product that automatically places bets for you. This is brilliant for folks who work as the automiser places the bets for you during the day. The product uses Gruss Betting Advisor, and Gav (Summerhill) showed us how to use Gruss to place HRP Dutch bets. The Grand National was on this Saturday and the HRP software predicted Tiger Roll as the winner, so we watched the race with a beer or two and cheered Tiger Roll home.

On Sunday we explored many of the different systems and explored how to use the information provided. A couple of new staking plans were introduced: one for systems with long winning streaks and an alternative to the standard Platinum staking plan. The afternoon racing allowed the opportunity to check that the automiser had been configured correctly.

The weekend has cemented my trading plan for HRP. On 14 February I reset my HRP Bank after publishing the review. I mainly use the Mighty Tosh guru, and this bank had doubled since then. So, I have reallocated the profit in to the automiser and will restart Mighty Tosh from its original bank. A couple of weeks ago Lieutenant K, one of the HRP gurus, described how to combine several systems in to a single system. Using this “Joint Roster” I have tripled my bank, and as the automiser allows for this system to be automated, I have put this bank in to the automiser too but ring fenced to this system only.

The Horse Race Predictor continues to do the business for me. I am looking forward to a highly profitable flat season.

Here is my current position since the beginning of April:
One-A-Day +10 points, approx 10% of bank, but only 1 bet each day
Mighty Tosh, not restarting until May
Coupmaster (on Bot) +67% of bank
Joint Roster (Bot) +68% of bank
Dutch (Bot) -50% of bank
Casino +42% of bank

I started a system of Doubles yesterday. Being 1 day old I cannot report on how this is going.

You can join The Horse Race Predictor here.

The Horse Race Predictor

Here is the latest update from Gav Summerhill at Horse Race Predictor:

Here is a very simple bet that I am going to be releasing to all people that attend the HRP Masterclass event next month. I have put together some quick results from the past couple of weeks and have included them below:

Firstly, it got me to thinking that a key issue for some people was always that they ‘can’t follow the racing live’. Well, we have sorted that issue out as we have formulated a ‘one bet a day’ approach and this means you can use the unique, all conquering HRP Platinum Staking plan with it as well.

The bet is available everyday on the site (along with all the other money spinners) and if you take advantage of the product road test, then decide to become a member – you will be able to access it everyday!

There are records of this bet going back over 6 years and the year on year profit will absolutely astound you, here it is:

  • Year 1: 359pts
  • Year 2: 340pts
  • Year 3: 401pts
  • Year 4: 322pts
  • Year 5 (last year): 351pts

and so far this year the straight point yield stands at 70!

Remember, this is not taking into account the Platinum Bank Growth Strategy and uses JUST ONE BET EVERY DAY!

If you want to see how HRP can transform your fortunes with a simple bet for a named selection, which you can access at 6.30am every morning and stake with a simple, recommended staking plan then just click here.

There are only a few places remaining for The Masterclass. You can book today by clicking the button below.

The Masterclass

The Horse Race Predictor – Cheltenham Offer

After chatting with Gav Summerhill last night and talking about the Cheltenham Festival starting, I was pleased to hear that he is offering all clients a complementary and money spinning free guide to the weeks event PLUS (and this is cool) a discounted road test of the service.

He sent me some stats that have accumulated since last October and they are truly mesmerising to read, so just recap on the performance of the Club Betting Guru’s and you will see why it’s so important to give this superb betting profit service, a real go!

Every betting expert on the site started with £500 last October.

  • Method Maker + £10,000 in profit.
  • The Mighty Tosh + £30,000 in profit
  • The Squire + £15,000 in profit
  • Lieutenant K + £15,000 in profit
  • Gav Summerhill + £3,700 since February 3rd this year.

All these bets were presented each day to the membership along with the results and they are fully proofed and verified.

Gav wants all genuine horse race betting punters to be working with these proven money spinning and future proof investments.

As a further bonus Gav and his team are offering you a GIFT that will enable you to create a nailed on profit stream for this Cheltenham Festival and every Cheltenham Festival.

It’s waiting for you here