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Here is the latest update from Gav Summerhill at Horse Race Predictor:

Here is a very simple bet that I am going to be releasing to all people that attend the HRP Masterclass event next month. I have put together some quick results from the past couple of weeks and have included them below:

Firstly, it got me to thinking that a key issue for some people was always that they ‘can’t follow the racing live’. Well, we have sorted that issue out as we have formulated a ‘one bet a day’ approach and this means you can use the unique, all conquering HRP Platinum Staking plan with it as well.

The bet is available everyday on the site (along with all the other money spinners) and if you take advantage of the product road test, then decide to become a member – you will be able to access it everyday!

There are records of this bet going back over 6 years and the year on year profit will absolutely astound you, here it is:

  • Year 1: 359pts
  • Year 2: 340pts
  • Year 3: 401pts
  • Year 4: 322pts
  • Year 5 (last year): 351pts

and so far this year the straight point yield stands at 70!

Remember, this is not taking into account the Platinum Bank Growth Strategy and uses JUST ONE BET EVERY DAY!

If you want to see how HRP can transform your fortunes with a simple bet for a named selection, which you can access at 6.30am every morning and stake with a simple, recommended staking plan then just click here.

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The Masterclass

The Horse Race Predictor – Cheltenham Offer

After chatting with Gav Summerhill last night and talking about the Cheltenham Festival starting, I was pleased to hear that he is offering all clients a complementary and money spinning free guide to the weeks event PLUS (and this is cool) a discounted road test of the service.

He sent me some stats that have accumulated since last October and they are truly mesmerising to read, so just recap on the performance of the Club Betting Guru’s and you will see why it’s so important to give this superb betting profit service, a real go!

Every betting expert on the site started with £500 last October.

  • Method Maker + £10,000 in profit.
  • The Mighty Tosh + £30,000 in profit
  • The Squire + £15,000 in profit
  • Lieutenant K + £15,000 in profit
  • Gav Summerhill + £3,700 since February 3rd this year.

All these bets were presented each day to the membership along with the results and they are fully proofed and verified.

Gav wants all genuine horse race betting punters to be working with these proven money spinning and future proof investments.

As a further bonus Gav and his team are offering you a GIFT that will enable you to create a nailed on profit stream for this Cheltenham Festival and every Cheltenham Festival.

It’s waiting for you here

The Horse Race Predictor

A little update. On February 14th I reset my banks putting £500 in to Mighty Tosh. As of today, 3rd March, my bank stands at £982. So bank nearly doubled in just a tad over 2 weeks. Reading the feedback on other systems, they are performing well too.

However, I cannot stress strongly enough, it takes time to get to grips with each system, but there is support in the chat boxes where you can ask questions and you get proper responses from people who actually use the system. Mighty Tosh does appear one of the hardest to learn. Here the 2-day Masterclass event may help you get to grips with the services so much quicker.

You can get The Horse Race Predictor plus priority access to the Master Class and discount voucher here

The Horse Race Predictor – MasterClass

Following on from Arthurs sizzling review of the Horse Race Predictor, I have details of a discount offer for CashMaster readers on their upcoming Masterclass Event to be held 6-7th April 2019.

Sign up to The Horse Race Predictor through this special page and receive a voucher code which will entitle you to £150 off and priority booking. If you’re already an HRP subscriber, simply enter your details on this page to receive the voucher code for £150 off.

About the HRP MasterClass

The Masterclass is a unique and one off opportunity to transform your betting performance by joining an elite group of players who are earning serious money each day.

Bypass months, if not years of learning, in a friendly and positive environment. You can expect to go from novice to expert in two days by attending this event.

Meet Gav and The HRP team in the flesh and get direct “hands-on” tuition on how to sky rocket your HRP success. The HRP masterclass workshop is something you won’t want to miss.

Become versed in every single aspect of The Horse Race Predictor.

The Masterclass is a 2 day event and is hosted in beautiful, comfortable surroundings where you will have access to the knowledge and wisdom of Gav Summerhill and meet and share experiences with fellow HRP members. Accomodation and meals included.

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The Horse Race Predictor

A tad early because of the equine flu outbreak but I have enough data to form a view of this service: this will be approved and is possibly the best service I have reviewed in over 10 years!

That is some statement!

Let’s delve a little deeper.

There is a lot of information on the site so be prepared for information overload. Don’t expect to jump straight in on day one, take some time to feel your way in to this,

The first place you are going to start is “Daily Use”, and then the FI (Financial Independence) Club. You need to read and understand the articles here, especially how to use the HRP Platinum Staking Plan.

Next, I recommend you select and follow one of the “Club Betting” gurus. Each guru has a unique set of rules about how to use their selections, and you definitely need to understand each guru before adding another system.

The Club Betting gurus has formed the basis of this trial so let’s look at these in turn. However, before I start there are a couple of caveats: first: I used BSP the Gurus post they odds they took, and this means we had different results and profits; secondly whilst the points total is interesting you NEVER use flat stakes for any of these systems, you MUST use the HRP Platinum staking plan or other staking plans as advised. This second observation does make direct comparison with other Cash Master services somewhat difficult!

Method Maker

Turned £1,000 in to £3,048. Technically 98 points (£980 at a flat £10 per point) so would be a recommended service on its own.

The Squire

Turned £1,000 in to £2,732 or 88.98 points.

Might Tosh

Turned £1,000 in to £6,071 for 187 points!

These 3 do need you to be at your computer during racing. Although I think that Betfair 3rd parties that offer excel triggered betting may be able to handle the staking plan but there will be a cost to hire a developer.

Lieutenant K

Firstly this service can be handled by bots such as TheBetEngine, as can Triple S and systems on the forum.

Turned £1,000 in to £6,004 for 218 points. However, this is a bit generous. For me, the “forty” quad was very poor and the “coloured” quad benefited from the loss recovery staking. Here you are going to start with just one type of quad and Coloured is by far the best performer, followed by combined then forty.

There are several other profitable systems that I didn’t blog: Lieutenant K Triple S and several systems on the forum. Might Tosh also does a “key odds” system that you play in the place only market. You have to manually run the trebles as there may be a few days between selections but this turned £250 in to £1,540 in a month!

I don’t want to influence you but going forward I am using Mighty Tosh both for straight bets and the Key Odds selections.

One last note, I have used £1,000 as my base bank, but the service work equally well off £100 base banks.

However, just to reiterate, take some time to learn and understand each system you use. There is the ability to ask questions if you are confused.

Starting with a bank of £4,500 (remember you can use £450) and ending with a massive £19,395, 431% increase, approved is the only outcome of this trial.

One final note, there is a Masterclass event coming that you can pre-register for. There’ll be some goodies at the event and also explanations of how to use this service. More details to follow as we get them.

You can get The Horse Racing Predictor here.