Get a FREE month with Cleeve Racing – no card details or payment required…

Cleeve Racing have just announced an superb free offer. Check it out:

This is your chance to get a completely free month of full membership with Cleeve’s award-winning service… no card details are required, and it won’t rollover into a paid subscription… like we said it’s completely free.

June membership includes the Guineas meeting and all 5 days of Royal Ascot and there’s plenty more high-class action too.

Why are we doing this?

Given all that has happened, we wanted to do something positive. Plus it gives people a chance to see how the service works first hand. Either way we’re just happy that racing is back and we’re be able to make you this offer.

How does it work?

  • Click on a button and sign up with just your name and email address
  • We’ll send you an email straight away that you need to confirm… so you we can notify you when we have selections
  • We will always email you the night before whenever we are in action on the next days racing

In Summary

  • Cleeve’s full service is back up and running next week.
  • You get the Cleeve service completely free until July 1st.
  • No card details or payments are needed to sign up.

Get your FREE month here.