We’ve now come to the end of our 3 months trial of this service

To recap; this is a multi sport tipster service from the Betting Gods stable. Emails arrive via email, usually mid to late evening, they are also available via the Betting Gods official app. Everything is very well laid out and is very easy to follow. As with all Betting Gods services, a 15 day trial membership is available for £1.99, and subscription packages start at £27 per month. A starting bank of 75 Points is advised.

On to the figures; it’s definitely been a bit of a mixed bag. The trial got off to a dreadful start, losing around a third of the bank within the first week. Thankfully, things settled down and he built some really quite decent level of profit. We had tips spread across different sports, Baseball was the main target for the first few months, we also had tips on Football, Tennis,and Basketball.

The problem is that the only sport to make a profit for us was Baseball, he did really well with that and things were looking quite good. Then the baseball season ended. For a few weeks, things still looked good as he switched his attention to Basketball and the new NBA season. The bank continued its progress and we hit the high point in mid-late November, we were 20 Points up.

Sadly, things have not been so good since then and the bank has slowly returned to its starting point, we’ve been bouncing around either side of break even for the last month of the trial and have come to the end of the road with a final result of 4 Point loss. When you bear in mind we made a profit of over 30 Points on Baseball, I think it’s pretty clear where his expertise lies.

A bank in negative territory before subscription fees are taken can only result in a verdict of FAILED

BETS 308

WINS 157

S/R 51%

AV ODDS 1.95

P/L -4.7 Points