I published this blog post shortly before racing was suspended due to the virus. Now we’re back in business, and it’s worth another look. Inform Racing has continued to add features and can help find systems without relying on tipsters, which is a great advantage.

The Staking Machine

Inform Racing

Graham first reviewed The Staking Machine back in August 2010, with updates in 2012 and 2013. I’ve always been aware of exotic and fancy staking systems, but my logic has always warned me that the risk starts to become much more significant, and I’ve always thought, if you have a system which works, start with a bank and base your stakes on a simple percentage of the bank and grow it exponentially.

Having been granted access to the great speed related ratings site, Inform Racing, I have worked out a system which has thrown up a better than 50% win results, but where the profits are very small after a year, mostly due to skinny prices. This gave me the idea about how I could improve the returns with different staking, and there is only one piece of software I’ve come across which can do this efficiently and simply, which is The Staking Machine. This was actually a eureka moment for me, because the system shows you at a glance how well your results could have performed using the various different staking systems. It also shows you whether your system would have been bankrupted, depending on the bank, and it also gives you the opportunity to change staking systems so that, for example, you start with a bigger bank (some systems would bankrupt you with a 100 point bank but would be very profitable with a 200 point bank).

So anyway, back to my short favourites system from Inform. Level staking I was making 60 points profit over a year. OK, a profit’s a profit, but 1 point a week isn’t exciting me with the system. But it’s safe, so I guess if you’re betting at £100 a point, it’s worth having. But I’m not betting with big stakes, so looking for a system with a higher points return. Of the 26 staking systems, nine of them were making me bankrupt. The Bookies Bank version 2 was my best profit system, making 736 points, but bankrupted a 200 point bank. But I found a system which made me 253 points on a 100 point bank (Parlay), and so I am testing this with my Inform results on a very small bank of £100.

There’s more, though. I tested the same results on lay systems, and it would have been possible to make a profit with exactly the same selections but laying them. I think this tells me more than anything how essential staking is. Undoubtably the most professional punters maximise their returns with professional staking.

The great thing about Inform System building is that you can export results right out of the software as TSM (The Staking Machine) files, and I absolutely accord both of these services my highest recommendation, for those who want to go it alone rather than follow a tipster. And if YOU stumble across a great system from Inform which works with TSM, you potentially have a service yourself which you can sell to those who do prefer just to use a profitable tipster (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). And if it’s great, at Cash Master we’re here to get you up and running. Here’s one for starters: try looking for lay systems with low odds, and throw in a few variables like handicap/non handicap, class and ability. It’s fun and can throw up some real surprises, and we have time to dedicate to this while we’re waiting for the return of racing at (hopefully) the end of April.

You can get Inform Ratings here

You can get The Staking Machine here