Tested and reviewed by Doug Wheatland

This is not a Fx trading system but rather involves spread betting on certain German financial data and as such the income generated by A-B will be tax free. The system has been around since April 2012 and the author’s records state that the system has produced 2,922 points to end Sep 16 since launch. A strike rate of 70-80% is claimed and that inevitably means there will be some losing months.

For £375 a comprehensive manual is supplied together with 4 DVD’s of a seminar explaining the method which is suitable for anyone from a “newbie” to financial trading through to experienced operators. At the end of each section dealing with the actual A-B trading, a questionnaire is included to re enforce the learning. In operation a simple subtraction of two data is required to determine whether the day will be a qualifying day or not and hence the title A-B. From subtraction to setting a trade should not take more than 5 minutes and that is virtually all the time that is needed to operate the system. As a mechanical system there is no confusion as to whether to trade or not and this makes it very user friendly to a “newbie”.

In addition to going through the system, setting up a broker account and placing bets a sensible section on money management is included. Essentially a user really should be able to put £500 minimum into an account to trade from and be able to leave the funds to gain from compounding as trading moves along though the year.

I did contact the author by e mail about track record and received a prompt and full response.

We have used 0.1% of the daily opening trading bank per point and the starting bank was £1000 on 4 Oct 16.

Opening Bank 4th Oct 2016 = £1000
Closing Bank 31st Jan = £1611.41

Profit £611.41

This system is very easy to operate and long before the trial ended I was taking less than 5 minutes to operate on qualifying days and less than 1 minute on non qualifying days.

With a total gain of 61%, I have no hesitation in saying that A-B has passed the 4 month trial.

You can try the ‘A Minus B’ System here