A*Tips started off in tremendous form with over 50 pts profit in the first month. However, initial success was not sustained and it had four losing months on the trot. The last period pulled back over 30 pts.

Final Stats:

Starting Date for review: 29 October 2020

End Date for month six: 28 April 2021

Number of calendar days: 182

Number of tips: (plus non-runners or races void) 153

Winners: 34

Losses: 105

Non-runners or races void: 14

Strike Rate: 24.46 %

Number of winning months: 2 out of 6

Maximum Bank: 71.5 pts

Minimum Bank: -23 pts

Starting Bank: 100 pts

Current Bank: 116.80 pts

Bank Movement: +16.8 %

Profit/Loss: +16.80 pts.

Service Cost for 6 months: £162

Betting at £10 a point, one would have made a very small profit, after fees, of £6.80.

I’m awarding this service a Neutral Rating.


This report was delayed as there was a notable discrepancy between my profits during the period of this trial and that of the official site. I checked their results carefully and I found a number of bets on their spreadsheet that I never received for some reason. I reported this a few weeks back to Bethub that runs this service, but I have not yet received an explanation from them.

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