A* Tips is a horse racing service from the BetHub Tipster Management Service. A number of their other services have been reviewed here at Cash Master and approved such as Greyhound Maestro, Bet Sage and Target Racing.

A* Tips focuses on early value and has shown excellent consistency during its inclusion in the BetHub Portfolio. It has been in profit in every active month so far: March, June, July, August and September.

With an average of around 7 bets per week, this is a very selective service with an excellent strike rate and ROI.
Bets are generally sent the day before racing and include both win and e/w selections.

Once you have joined up, you will receive tips via email, and you can also access them in your own personal member’s area on the site. BetHub also offers an app (Android and IOS) which you can download and you will be notified immediately of any tips.

A betting bank of 100 pts is advised, and staking levels are advised for each tip.

There is a free 14-day trial followed by either a charge of £27 per month or by a charge of £59 quarterly.

I’ve started the review today, 29th October 2020.

You can try A* Tips here