Welcome to Cash Master

Hi, my name is Graham and I started this blog way back in January 2007 as a way to keep a record of the tests I was doing on various betting systems that had hit the market.

You may be already aware that there are tons of betting systems being promoted over the Internet and I am always asked if I reckon this system is any good, or if that service lives up to it’s claims etc.

So, I started buying these systems and testing them out live on the blog, listing the system selections and results for about three months or so for each system, and then writing a review about what I thought of any particular system or service. It soon became apparent that I had undertaken a mammoth task. There are more systems and services hitting the market than I have time to test but fortunately quite a few of my readers have volunteered to help out. To date there have been 43 individuals that have given up their time to test out various systems and write up reviews here for all to read.

It turns out that this site has become quite popular. We get several thousand unique hits a day so we must be doing something right.

We don’t pull our punches either. If the system is pants, we will say so. If we reckon it’s a money spinner then we’ll approve it. Sometimes we can’t decide whether a system is any good or not. We tend to do a test for around three months and sometimes this isn’t long enough to give a system a fair judgement. All systems have good and bad periods so if a system has failed to profit, but we still feel it has potential, then we’ll give it a neutral rating. This doesn’t mean it isn’t any good, just that during our test it didn’t do so well.

We’ve also expanded into Spread Betting and trading products. As far as I’m concerned as long as a system makes money then I don’t care if I’m betting on a football team, a horse, a tennis match, or whether the pound will go up against the dollar. I personally make a pretty decent income from betting and I use a portfolio of systems and services. I hope that this blog will allow you, should you wish to, to build yourself a decent portfolio of workable, profitable, betting systems.

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I also publish a free newsletter about twice a month with reviews and information.

Please note, Cash Master is the ORIGINAL review site. When I started this, nobody else was doing anything like it. Over the years a few other organisations have copied my idea and you may well come across some in your online surfing. Please be careful as not all are as they seem.

I pride myself on the independent reviews on my site. I do not coerce my reviewers into giving positive reviews on products just to make affiliate commissions on sales. If a reviewer says a product or service is no good then we DON’T recommend it. We ONLY recommend products and services that we have personally tested and found to be worthwhile.

Have a look through the site and judge for yourself.

If you are interested in becoming a Cash Master Reviewer then drop me a line. You won’t get paid for your work but it’s a lot of fun and you’ll be helping the betting community weed out the bad services and systems, and there are so many out there!