Since bookies started making offers to draw us mug punters in to backing accas, such as money back if one of your accas loses, there has been a proliferation of services offering tips to take advantage of these offers.

We all know, though, that going down the acca route is bad for your wealth, and bookies love them for this reason. We’ve all had the occasional triumph – maybe the year before last – which keeps us ploughing money back in an attempt to do it again.

However – Accatipster is a new service which claims to buck the losing trend, and is claiming a near 57% win rate, 64% returns and no losing months since it was launched in August. Worst of the 4 months (but shortest as it didn’t start till the 18th) is £179 to £10 stakes.

A worry for me – and many of you – is lack of access to many bookies. However, the results published ensure the bookie special offer bonuses are kept out of the monthly profit figures to allow you to use the service if you cannot get to all the offers.

Weekend 14 – outlay 22.5 points – p/l +23.83 points (Bet365). Overall -22.75 points

Final review

I was in a mind to fail this review. After all, ending up at 22.5 points down isn’t reason to shout from the rooftops about it.

However, a perfect 14 out of 14 wins in the last weekend softened my attitude, and I’m giving this a neutral. I do wonder if it would be worth adding a one point win acca for all selections. This would only have been successful once in the trial, but it would have made an extra 50 points and potentially turned this into a recommended service.

I have to point out that I have been using odds from Bet365 and not benefiting from the exotic deals like if one fails, money back. You could have achieved better odds by shopping around. However, as a user I like my reports to be as available to all as possible and so these results are conservative.

It must be said, we have the usual suspects most weeks – your Bayerns, Man Citys, Juventus and PSVs – and certainly there is some thought which goes into which teams go into which acca. Usually there’s at least one five timer, where 2.5 points are outlaid, and then the trebles and doubles where 5 points is the bet. The individual odds are bigger for the smaller bets, and you will often get double chance bets and sometimes over/under goals.

The sales page tells us:

  • Huge Profits up to £6272 a Month!!
  • Massive 26.6% Returns
  • High 44.68% Win Rate 
  • £13,281 in Profit this Season!

That thirteen grand is at £100 per point so that means this week, for example, your outlay would be £2,250. Even at £10/point you would be laying out £225. I would like more confidence I was going to win to lay out those amounts.

None of the months in the trial produced a profit, though March has started perfectly and maybe the fortunes are turning. But the difference between the experience as a subscriber and the experience portrayed on the sales page grates, even when you do add in the bookie bonuses and potentially better odds than I achieved.

This service doesn’t deserve a fail, because I can see it making a profit over time. However, neither can I recommend it as a service which has lost money throughout the trial, so I award this a neutral rating.

As this is a Click Bank service it’s covered by the 60 day money back guarantee, and can be paper traded if required.

You can try AccaTipster HERE