Well, this service was launched last week with email carpet bombing by affiliate bounty hunters and weekend one will not have secured any immediate converts. As those who, like me, follow Banker Bets will know, there are no easy games and failure to win by the likes of Barcelona, PSG, Ajax and Real Madrid against modest opposition is testament to this.
This past weekend there were five accas – one five, one four and three doubles, for a total outlay of 22.5 points staked. One of the doubles won for +.71 points, the others lost for an overall weekend result of -16.79 points.
Of course, the thing about accas is you can recover quite quickly, and so we’ll see how they handle that in the run up to Christmas. So far, though, it’s not paid for the turkey!

Since bookies started making offers to draw us mug punters in to backing accas, such as money back if one of your accas loses, there has been a proliferation of services offering tips to take advantage of these offers.

We all know, though, that going down the acca route is bad for your wealth, and bookies love them for this reason. We’ve all had the occasional triumph – maybe the year before last – which keeps us ploughing money back in an attempt to do it again.

However – Accatipster is a new service which claims to buck the losing trend, and is claiming a near 57% win rate, 64% returns and no losing months since it was launched in August. Worst of the 4 months (but shortest as it didn’t start till the 18th) is £179 to £10 stakes.

A worry for me – and many of you – is lack of access to many bookies. However, the results published ensure the bookie special offer bonuses are kept out of the monthly profit figures to allow you to use the service if you cannot get to all the offers.

This does sound interesting, and I will be giving it the usual test drive over the next few months. If you like the sound of it, I would encourage you to jump on straight away as they are offering a big discount to Cash Master subscribers (£67 for a whole year as opposed to the usual £179) who jump on before midnight next Sunday, 3rd December.

As this is a Click Bank service, that should be a no-brainer as it’s covered by the 60 day money back guarantee, and can be paper traded if required.

You can try AccaTipster HERE