I’ve been recording and publishing the results of this service since 20/7/12 and am ready to give my final verdict.

This is a Tennis tipping service that delivers the tips direct to your email inbox, usually during the night before the matches are due to be played. On the odd occaision there have been bets left pending for a few days as the sport is often subject to change due to weather conditions.

The selection emails are very clear and easy to read and understand and the prices quoted are easily getable, if not bettered by shopping around. This trial was a little different for me as I have no interest in the sport whatsoever, I know nothing about it at all. I’m aware of the bigger players’ names and I have a certain aesthetic appreciation for a rather noisy Russian who shall remain toothsome but nameless.

Unfortunately the results of the trial have not been overly impressive. It did finish slightly in profit (3.17 points) thanks to a big win with the last bet of the trial. It would have been far worse had it not been for the Olympic Tournament. The service was around 8 points down before the Olympics started, they took a weeks break from providing tips to study the form ahead of the tournament, and by the time the medals were handed out they had gained an impressive 39.32 points profit.

But, sadly, it’s been a slow slide back from there ever since. When the high cost of the service (£72 per month) and the results published on the website for the few months previous to my trial are factored in then I’m afraid I cannot possibly recommend joining as it stands and this must be filed under FAILED.

It does seem telling that when they took a week off to study ahead of a tournament they managed a great profit but all other efforts have eroded this to nothing. Maybe it would serve them better to only do larger tournaments when they’ve had chance to study form etc? Maybe the Olympics just ran more to predictable form? I am unable to answer those questions but what I am able to do is state that without the Olympic results we’d be looking at a loss of 36 points and a service providing a Strike Rate of 46.75% with Average Odds of just 2.05. Which is just not going to allow any profit whatsoever.


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