2/8 No Bet

3/8 +4.92

4/8 +2.84

5/8 +4.26

RUNNING BANK +31.38 points

Bit of confusion and a decision to make today. Yesterday’s selection email said “4/8 No Bet, 5/8 2 points Andy Murray to win @ 2.42”, no problem there really I just checked the price and recorded the bet. However, this morning I received another selection email advising Andy Murry to win for a 3 point bet. I emailed the service straight away with a request for clarification on what exactly should be staked. Was it to be a 2 point bet, a 3 point bet or had they grown more confident in Murray and it was now a 5 point bet?

About an hour before the game I had still not heard back from them so decided I would just play the bets as they had been advised and filled out the spreadsheet with a 2 point bet dated 4th Aug AND a 3 point bet dated today. The price they advised was easily available at several bookies when the email arrived so I thought it best to just record every bet as they have sent them, word for word. As it happens, Murray won and the total got a bit of a boost but would have taken a 5 point hit had it gone the other way.

Would most certainly have been helpful if the Customer Service had answered my question in time. You have to visit a website and open a new ticket to send questions to the service. Part of the opening process is to make the importance of your query, I marked this one as “Urgent” as I really needed an answer before the game but I have not had a response. Maybe it’s due to being a Sunday.

On the upside, this service has had a storming Olympic performance. Even without the confusion of today’s selection they had really piled the points on over the last week.