For the next month I’m going to be casting an eye over Ace Betting Club. This is a tennis tipster service and from what I’ve seen so far it’s just outright win bets, no trading to be done.

The bets arrive via an email but there is also a Tip Centre website you can log into just incase an email does not get through.

You are advised to have a 200 point starting bank and bets are supplied with a points value to stake.

Looking back over the results of the last few months published on the Betfan website, this service looks to have had a rough time lately and hasn’t got off to a great start with me either.

20/7 +2.4 points

21/7 -10.34 points

No Bets for 22nd or 23rd

Running Total   -7.94 points

In the email for today’s bets, the author says that as the Olympics gets underway next weekend they will be researching possible bets for that tournament and will not be covering the Los Angeles ATP Event.

I’m not a follower of tennis so I don’t know whether that means we have no bets all week or if they will be covering another event later in the week.