This is the final review and verdict for AH EDGE football service

We began our trial towards the end of September, so the service has had just over our traditional 3 month period.

The service specialises in Asian Handicap bets (hence AH part of the name) mainly targeting the major European leagues.

Selections are obtained via a daily email, even on no bet days. They do try to be selective, so there are plenty of no bet days, with the weekends being quite busy.

The prices quoted in the email are generally available, although to they often quote prices from SBO and/or Pinnacle and neither company will accept bets from UK customers. Thankfully, I did find you could obtain very similar, if not equal or better, odds with a little shopping around.

When it comes to performance, I’m afraid it gets a little disappointing. We never seemed to hit a really good winning run, we’ve just bounced around the break even mark.

Using my usual £1000 starting bank and the recommended 40 point staking system (so £25 level stakes) we’ve ended the trial just over 1 point down.

Given that we’ve not made any profit over the near 4 months of trial, and that monthly subs of £45 per month would have to have been paid, I’ve no option other than to place this in the FAILED pile and the search for an Asian Handicap service we can approve over our trial period goes on.

We had 220 bets, an OCD friendly 83 wins & 83 loses, with the other 54 being Push/Partial win/lose results.