When I began this review in mid October, I was astonished by the success of the accas. This hit 5 successful bets out of the first 10, with a high of 34 points profit.

In his mail-out, Graham suggested that, with bets like these, the wheels could fall off. Well, they haven’t exactly done that, it is still in profit by 6 points. However, we’re on a losing run of 16 bets, and in his daily emails, the promoter talks about ‘strange results’ and ‘promises’ a win will turn up in a few days – which is a bit of a concern.

I’m still in profit, but there will be those of you who signed up after that initial burst of success thinking this is like one of those services which invent magnificent results and find that once you’ve parted with your money, the results go downhill. This isn’t one of those, and of course an accas system is always going to have losing runs, but I would advise very low or zero stakes while you’re still in the Clickbank guarantee period (30 days).